I’m glad that I can finally show you an early version of my game. I have just uploaded alpha 0.1.1 to the play store!


Chinese Scrolls

My first game, a match 3 puzzle to learn chinese

This is the first game I have ever created, I do have some experience on programming but I had never created a game before so I’m learning along the way.

The game is called Chinese Scrolls, it’s a match 3 mobile game to learn chinese, I decided to do that because I think that there is no other game like this, but please tell me if you find one, I would like to see it.

The idea is the tipical match 3 game, like Bejeweled, but with chinese words and when you reach higher levels you unlock more advanced words.

The tiles of the puzzle are composed of chinese characters also known as sinographs. Each level have a goal word of one or more sinographs and you have to match 3 or more tiles of those sinographs, when you do that enough times you unlock the word and can see the meaning and pinyin representation of it. I also plan to add an audio clip with the pronunciation in the future.


Chinese Scrolls main screen Chinese characters pixelart
Chinese match 3 game pixelart Chinese congratulations screen pixelart

The idea behind the game’s name

The name is Chinese Scrolls because in the future I plan to add more than one scroll but I’m not sure if I should have a scroll for each HSK number (e.g. 1, 2, etc.) or for each category (e.g. Colors, animals, etc.), let me know what you think on twitter or facebook!

A possible plot could be, if I add one, that you have found a chest full of chinese scrolls and you are reading those to learn chinese.

I’m motivated by the puzzle and learning game genres

What really motivates me is the puzzle genre and the learning game genre so I try to combine them here and I also look forward to create more Chinese learning games for Android in the future.

I’m passionate about creating games that people can use to learn something on a fun way.

New versions coming soon

I’ll be releasing more alpha versions soon with the progress I make and when the game is more complete I will launch a beta and soon after that the final version.

If you want to help me on making this game better please tell me your ideas on how to improve it!